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This Topical Collection will focus on the research studies either in vitro or in vivo, investigating the effects of antioxidants on cardiovascular diseases and human.

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Microwave-induced shapememory effect of chemically crosslinked moist poly vinyl alcohol networks. Magnetic memory effect of nanocomposites. Lendlein A, Kelch S. Shape-memory polymers. Review of progress in shape-memory polymers. Xie T. Recent advances in polymer shape memory. Polymer, , 52 22 : — CrossRef Google Scholar. Recent advances in shape-memory polymers: Structure, mechanism, functionality, modeling and applications. New directions in the chemistry of shape memory polymers.

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Polymer, , 55 23 : — CrossRef Google Scholar. Shape memory polymers: Past, present and future developments. Recent progress in shape memory polymer: New behavior, enabling materials, and mechanistic understanding. Ratna D, Karger-Kocsis J.

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Recent advances in shape memory polymers and composites: A review. Review of electro-active shapememory polymer composite. Shape-memory polymers and their composites: Stimulus methods and applications. Thermo-moisture responsive polyurethane shape-memory polymer and composites: A review. Meng H, Li G. A review of stimuli-responsive shape memory polymer composites. Polymer, , 54 9 : — CrossRef Google Scholar. Behl M, Lendlein A. Triple-shape polymers.

Progress in shape memory epoxy resins. Shape-memory polymers with multiple transitions: Complex actively moving polymers. Hu J, Chen S.

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A review of actively moving polymers in textile applications. Shape memory polymers and their composites in aerospace applications: A review. Recent insights into the biomedical applications of shape-memory polymers. Shape-memory polymers as a technology platform for biomedical applications. Recent advances in shape memory soft materials for biomedical applications. Crystallization of poly lactic acid accelerated by cyclodextrin complex as nucleating agent.

Poly lactic acid blends in biomedical applications. Shasteen C, Choy Y B. Controlling degradation rate of poly lactic acid for its biomedical applications. Study on the shape memory behavior of poly L-lactide. Materials Science Forum, , — Google Scholar.

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In vivo tissue responses to thermal-responsive shape memory polymer nanocomposites. Flexural properties of poly-L-lactide and polycaprolactone shape memory composites filled with nanometer calcium carbonate. Design, synthesis and characterization of novel biodegradable shape memory polymers based on poly D,L-lactic acid diol, hexamethylene diisocyanate and piperazine.

Structure-property relationship for poly lactic acid PLA filaments: Physical, thermomechanical and shape memory characterization. Tsujimoto T, Uyama H. Full Biobased polymeric material from plant oil and poly lactic acid with a shape memory property. Polylactide-based polyurethane and its shape-memory behavior. Biomedical applications of biodegradable polymers.

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These interactions are very important for development of safe and functional biomaterials. Our goal is development of safe and functional nanobiomaterials using biotechnology. Jun nims. Development of new bioanalysis methods based on dynamic materials and precisely-designed interfaces. By using the new methodologies, we will understand biochemical regulation and mechanobiology in cell migration, stem cell differentiation, and cancer, and apply these knowledges to drug discovery, therapeutics and regenerative medicines.

The development of new methodologies has made breakthrough in biological sciences.

Our group develops bioanalysis methodologies based on new materials. Let's find unknown biological phenomena by creating unique materials! Back to Research field list. Research outline Research on multi-functional scaffolds and biomaterials for tissue regeneration and cancer therapy is carried out. Research Interests porous scaffold, extracellular matrices, regenerative medicine, cartilage regeneration, micropatterns.

Message to prospective students Human body is made up of several tens of trillion cells that play a pivotal role in regeneration of injured tissue and the onset and progression of diseases such as cancer. Research group website Tissue Regeneration Materials Group. Research outline Our group focuses on the development of innovative polymeric biomaterials by controlling biological reactions at the interface between materials and biological components occurring from acute stage to chronic stage for medical treatment.

Research Interests gelatin, hydrophobic, surgical operation, bioabsorbable, adhesion. Message to prospective students Let's proceed basic researches on biomedical materials together for the contribution of clinical applications. Research group website Polymeric Biomaterials Group. Research outline Our research group is interested in smart polymers that respond to small changes in external stimuli.

Research Interests smart polymers, drug delivery system, cancer therapy. Research group website Smart Polymers Group. Research outline "Of the 10 30 bacteria present on the earth, many of them have properties as "electrically-active bacteria EAB " that exchange electrons with solid materials. Research Interests extracellular electron transport, microbial fuel cell, microbiologically influenced iron corrosion. Message to prospective students We are waiting for ambitious person who is willing to challenge the novel and interdisciplinary science into life energy by electricity, that mobilize the knowledge of physical chemistry, microbiology, and molecular biology.

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    Seller Inventory AA New Book. Shipped from UK. Established seller since Seller Inventory FT Publisher: CRC Press , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis Polymers have emerged as one of the most innovative classes of materials in modern materials science, leading to new applications in medicine and pharmacy.