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View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Implement features such as screen navigation, data interaction, paging, and Excel export, with absolutely no coding Build simple data-centric applications and add power to them with relationships and details Rapidly create customized queries, filters, sorts, and reports Aggregate data from many locations, including SharePoint, SQL Server, and the cloud Simplify the implementation of application-level data validation Protect your applications with authentication and authorization Fine tune your code for scalability and performance Streamline deployment to local computers, web servers, and the Windows Azure cloud Use.

Buy New Learn more about this copy. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. Published by Sams New Paperback Quantity Available: 1. Revaluation Books Exeter, United Kingdom. Seller Rating:. Published by Sams Publishing. Published by Sams Publishing I would be curious to see articles in the future on how the extensibility works in. For example, is it generating a DataGrid that I could customize like I do any. NET DataGrid? The question you ask for any of these RAD tools is what is the granularity of customization I can do in it?

A tool like this that could create the data entry from for BOTH siverlight and web would be great. A lot of apps need to be able to be used from a iPhone what will never have siverlight. The home page for LightSwitch is here msdn. And of course I will blog the available drop with a tutorial as well. From that perspective we see LightSwitch as a good complient to Access rather than a replacement. We are working on giving out more information ont he architecture and limitations.

Your example of admin screens sounds like a great use of the tool. For this release we've concentrated hard on Silverlight as it gives us both the desktop easy access to local files and resources as well as in-browser reach for Windows and Mac and linux if you target Moonlight. I don't consider LightSwitch an "app generator"; I worked on case tool systems in the early 90's.

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In this case we are using the same underying architecture you use to build. It's an unfortunate idea the MS is still trying to promote this kind of "visual app. Indeed, similar software Access, 4'th Dimension, Filemaker has been very successful and to some extent still is, and such products have grown into very complex products. The problem is that people have developed very complex business applications using them, which are now very difficult to maintain and extend, full of hidden bugs, and usually, after 10 — 15 years of changes the product is too expensive to be rewritten.

Without a solid architecture to start with, it will be very difficult to evolve such IDE-generated code into a real application when the requirements start to become more complex. Many people have migrated from Access, 4'Th Dim.

NET exactly because of these reasons. I don't mind templates as a starting point, but if you are rigidly tied to them for the UI layout we won't have a lot of use for the tool. Everything we build is pretty intense on the UI side. We use it a lot and it's very productive for the right scenarios. Yes there are plenty of junk Access apps out there and it's got lots of limitations on the technical side.

But guess what…the junk aspect, if it exists, is more a product of the developer or the development process than anything else. I don't blame. LightSwitch will be great if it comes anywhere close to the versatility of Access. The technology stack that LightSwitch is built on is greatly preferable; but if the UI that it can build are inflexible, we won't find much use for it.

I have not seen anything in the material out about LightSwitch that indicates real UI flexibility. I hope it's there but just not shown off yet.

Microsoft® Visual Studio® LightSwitch® Unleashed by Alessandro Del Sole

This is version 1 of course. Looking forward to trying this out. I need to develop some sort of a Daily Activity Log for my Sheriff's Office spreadsheet isn't cutting it and I'm running into some roadblocks with Visual Basic I'm not a programmer, just trying to learn some basic principles. Great idea.

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I imagine in this version it won't be too powerful, but if you continue regularly adding new features it could be come a fantastic option for quick and simple application development obviously for relatively simple apps. Mainframe programmers new to. I did not read through all the comments so I may have missed this, but will this be a free product similar to the "Express" line? Stop condemning MS Access.

I have written application before in Java,. Recently, I got a contract to convert MS Excel data to application. Now I see another option. I will definitely give this product a try.

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Thanks to the "almighty" Microsoft. This looks perfect for quickly getting done a lot of routine data access work as msaccess does with flexible forms and form wizards. Will Lightswitch allow bit development, or access to bit sources bit sql server? I ask because I read somewhere that it is based on silverlight, which is still bit only at least the browser components.

Does the dependence on silverlight mean it can be extended only with silverlight-compliant controls or can more general wpf controls be used. In general, are there any special restrictions or consequences implied by the use of silverlight, rather than the more general or less restrictive wpf? Thank you. Visual Studio LightSwitch is going to succeed big time. With the world buzzing about cloud computing, and an easy tool that you can use to deploy application into the cloud, Microsoft has hit a home run.

If those people responsible for this dev tool have a temple in my neighborhood, I will definitely go there to worship! Thank you! Thank You!! It looks like totally database oriented work but if we go for desktop solution then those will require some other work like fetching system information PC name, username so can we do mixed coding?

Can a light switch solution have many projects? What is the approach for working with light switch in bigger teams? BTW, really great job! The first case tool that really looks useful. I really enjoyed the keynote. I am a pro. NET developer and I think that all of the negative vibe from other developers is out of fear, this isn't a threat guys — this is an awesome tool to relieve you of the mundane.

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If you still want to set yourself apart as a pro build on the base that LightSwitch provides beyond the capability of the novice. Tudor — We've published the architecture of LightSwitch apps and the beta is out now. Give it a try and let me know if you still have concerns, I look forward to your feedback blogs.

Stephen — at this point we only support C and VB. LightSwitch is built on normal VS so it has the right extensibility points, but we are concentrating on just these two for this release. Moo Cow — by default you use the screen templates.

Demo de Visual Studio LightSwitch beta

Joe's video on C9 also demonstrates using some custom XAML to change the form, although that is more advanced. Nelson — we have not finalized the packaging of LightSwitch yet. We expect there to be a stand alone product and it will plug into the broader Visual Studio product line. We'll share more as we get closer to final release. Rahul — you can indeed create custom templates using VS Pro.

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Our beta 1 docs are kind of sparse right now but expect more details coming up. We have 3rd parties adding extensions as we speak.

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  • Note that you are still using the LS designers et al. You will do more formal cusotmization by creating a formal extension for LightSwitch. LS is not based on "acropolis". We are a compliment to Access, not a replacement. Let us know what you think of the beta! LS is amusing thing. I love Microsoft Visual Studio LoghtSwitch as it is "easy" to use it… But I am missing the part for the end-users using the Application I developped as they need to install. Net 4.