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This Topical Collection will focus on the research studies either in vitro or in vivo, investigating the effects of antioxidants on cardiovascular diseases and human.

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By David Hajdu. The story of the rise and fall of those comic books has never been fully told -- until The Ten-Cent Plague. David Hajdu's remarkable new book vividly opens up the lost world of comic books, its creativity, irreverence, and suspicion of authority.

Phillipsburg High School grad David Hajdu awaits word on National Book Critics Circle award

In the years between World War II and the emergence of television as a mass medium, American popular culture as we know it was first created—in the pulpy, boldly illustrated pages of comic books. No sooner had this new culture emerged than it was beaten down by church groups, community bluestockings, and a McCarthyish Congress—only to resurface with a crooked smile on its face in Mad magazine.

When we picture the s, we hear the sound of early rock and roll. The Ten-Cent Plague shows how -- years before music -- comics brought on a clash between children and their parents, between prewar and postwar standards.

Created by outsiders from the tenements, garish, shameless, and often shocking, comics spoke to young people and provided the guardians of mainstream culture with a big target. Parents, teachers, and complicit kids burned comics in public bonfires. Cities passed laws to outlaw comics. Congress took action with televised hearings that nearly destroyed the careers of hundreds of artists and writers.

He was born in Phillipsburg, N. He majored in journalism at New York University, and except for a brief flirtation with the Episcopal priesthood as a seminarian at the New York General Theological Seminary, he has worked as a writer and editor for about 25 years. David Hajdu official site. Archived from the original on January 18, Retrieved December 20, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Archived from the original on December 21, The Nation.

Retrieved February 2, David Hajdu wins Deems Taylor Award for music criticism". November 17, Archived from the original on March 4, Raised in the hills of Kentucky by a proud pack of gun toting wolves who were as romantic as they were tough, John Hensley developed a tenacious love of both adventure and storytelling at an early age. Looking back, it seems inevitable that he would feel the pull of something greater and set out the moment he turned eighteen to wrangle horses in the mountains of Wyoming, and see what life on the road was all about.

Satisfied with the cowboy lifestyle, but wanting more from life, it was off to New York via too many twists and turns for a cute bio to write plays. However, before he could become the next Sam Shepard, he started to get acting work on numerous television series and films. Though this quickly became his credited profession, he used his experiences on set to further develop his skillset as a complete storyteller.

New York led to Los Angeles, where he has continued to work and reside ever since. A father, a husband, and every bit still a member of the pack that raised him, Hensley can be found most days sitting behind the computer screen working his fingers, or aboard his motorcycle, somewhere in the southern California mountains. He was a Humanitas New Voices Fellow. His writing on theatre, film, TV and culture has appeared in American Theatre , at the culture blog Parabasis , on Thrillist and Slate.

Top 10 Marvel Anti-Heroes

He is a proud product of public education. Katelyn Howes is an LA based award-winning writer and Emmy nominated documentarian. Katelyn strives to tell stories that fight injustices, combat uninformed bias, and upend the status quo. She is represented by Gersh. Exploring good and evil, truth and beauty. Released by Cinedigm in January of , the film has been screened all around the world and praised for its unique insight into the humanity of often generically portrayed Biblical figures.

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Hyatt has appeared in numerous national magazines, radio programs, and panels to discuss his approach on filmmaking. Hyatt has also been selected to receive a prestigious Christopher Award in the Feature Film category at the 70 th Annual Christopher Awards in Hyatt is an alum of Loyola Marymount University. Sample at Jackoway Tyerman. Philippe Iujvidin is a Los Angeles native, having lived in and around the city his entire life — a claim that only he, Angelyne, and Dick Sargent can legally make totally true; look it up.

His parents were born in Argentina and moved to L. Times — continues to contribute to the cutting edge. The first individual woman screenwriter to earn the WGA Award for Episodic Drama, Jeffries received the honor for her very first produced teleplay. One of 10 children born to a factory worker father and an award-winning stage actress mother, Munirah has always had a talent for comedic writing, crafting compelling stories and willing a suspension of disbelief from an audience. She began exploring filmmaking as a teen, helming everything from short films to music videos, and went on to work in television news while attending the University of Memphis, where she earned her Bachelors in Communications with a concentration in Film and Video.

She currently serves as Sr. Production Specialist for a billion-dollar financial services company based in New York, where she creates engaging videos for e-Learning courses, conferences, social media and the web. As an only child in the rural mountains near Taos, New Mexico, Michael grew up creating stories and sharing them with the sagebrush.

His love for drama was cultivated further at the North Carolina School for the Arts where he studied classical theatre. Since that time, Michael has endeavored to soak up as many stories as possible. He has taught English in Spain, spent two years on an Ambulance as an EMT, tended too many bars, and currently subsidizes his writing as a boutique wine broker.

Michael has worked for a number of production companies both re-writing existing material and creating original works to meet specific production needs.

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  • He recently completed his first TV Pilot and is hoping to establish a lasting career in both mediums. A native of Wayland, Massachusetts, Michael Kaplan wrote plays and musicals throughout high school and at Princeton University, where he attended college.

    Upon graduation he moved to New York where a number of his plays received productions and staged readings, primarily at The Ensemble Studio Theatre, where he is a member.

    David Hajdu

    There, he found a love of all things movies, TV, comics and video games. Storytelling came naturally, and he followed that passion by studying theatrical playwriting at GWU.


    The 25 Best Movie Supervillains, Ranked

    Upon returning stateside, he spent his days helping students prep their college apps and his nights dealing poker at Hollywood Park Casino. Zack loves world-building concepts that connect to universal human dilemmas and explore thoughtful commentary on society. Phinneas Kiyomura is a screenwriter, playwright, actor, director and painter and grew up in various parts of Southern California.

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