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This Topical Collection will focus on the research studies either in vitro or in vivo, investigating the effects of antioxidants on cardiovascular diseases and human.

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Some actively fight the Soviet troops, while others take a more passive role. Flowever, each person is important in helping you to complete your missions and take back the city for Americans. Troy Stone Born and raised in Brooklyn, Chris is just a normal New York working man with a shelf full of football trophies and a rent bill that arrives every month. At 32, Chris's biggest influence in life is still his family.

Flis dad is an Irishman, a retired rescue worker who calmly saved lives for years but who just as calmly put a handbag thief into the hospital. Flis mother is a Native American schoolteacher. Fler father taught the old Indian ways to Chris and his brother, Troy. During the game, you control Chris as he seeks to liberate his home from the enemy.

The younger of the Stone brothers, Troy is a real handful. At 30, he still hasn't decided what he wants to do, but whatever it is, he wants to do it fast. Fie builds custom cars with the local car club, the Brooklyn Rats, in his ample spare time. Fie often helps his brother with plumbing jobs. Troy's capture by the Soviets leads Chris into the resistance business.

The streets of New York are not kind to orphans, especially skinny 15 year olds in the midst of a full-scale invasion.

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But The Kid lets it roll off his back. He's never really had it much easier.

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The Kid's real name is Dinh Nguyen. He knows every corner of the city, and his graffiti can be found on almost every block.

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He's no gang member, but he's had issues with the local authorities and he knows his way around the neighborhood thugs. The Kid lived at a boarding school until recently, but it was closed down because the school- master refused to teach Soviet principles. The Kid's street wisdom is a valuable asset to the resistance. He often warns Chris of dangers hiding farther up the block, provides advice as to what you should target first, or where you can find the necessary supplies to complete your objectives.


Isabella Angelina Graceful beauty, clear eyes, and a ready smile make Isabella, 29, a real threat to the men of New York. Strong political views, a cunning intellect, and a knack for public speaking make her a threat to the Soviets. Born in the U. Her studies took her through Canada and Greenland, all the way to the arctic Soviet Union.

Her experiences there turned her into a political activist protesting Soviet aggression worldwide. Isabella is a fast learner and a survivor quick to adapt to new condi- tions. Together with Chris, she leads the Manhattan Resistance. Isabella is the first, and last, person you must rescue during the campaign.

She helps by providing guidance and information regarding your missions before you leave the resistance base. He's a man of many, many words whose fighting efforts, despite their ineptitude, are appreciated by the resistance. Phil began boxing at 13, not as a sport but in self-defense against his abusive father. His fists never served him well, and he eventually learned to talk his way out of most situations.

The rest of Phil's family fled to California at the start of the invasion. Phil hangs around the resistance base and offers guidance and eventually assistance during the course of the campaign. The Kid Mr. Jones At 60, Mr. Jones is still nimble enough to train newcomers in the art of urban guerilla fighting.

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Years of military life have given him an exceptional understanding of strategy, along with a cynical edge that keeps even friendly folks at a distance. He never developed as a great soldier in the field, but his networking and planning skills make him a real asset to the resistance. The Soviet leaders and soldiers are veterans of numerous interventions and aggressive actions; do not expect your enemies to line up for you to shoot.

When you take out one soldier, the others quickly respond by seeking cover and then coming after you — usually using flanking moves. Since it is important to know one's enemies, let's look at what you are up against. Tatiana Kempinski How do you win over millions of people in just minutes? A pretty face and an innocent smile broadcast over television.

Tatiana has the looks and the voice, but her innocent smile is a fake. The "news" she delivers is imported directly from the Kremlin. Tatiana was born in Krakow, where she studied journalism before transferring to the U. She developed fluency in English during her time in the U.

Between missions, Tatiana makes appearances giving New Yorkers the official news, featuring biased accounts of your exploits as she brands you a criminal. General Tatarin Tatarin does not believe in sending soldiers into battle to kill and maim. He leads the soldiers in himself so that he can kill and maim along with them.

Born in in the Asian Soviet republic of Uzbekistan, General Tatarin is a field warrior of the highest echelon. He was brought up in the Soviet army by a family of soldiers, and still lives by the sword today. His father and grandfather both died war heroes in battle, and he carried on the family tradition by graduating at the top of his class from military school.

Tatarin was stationed in Guatemala in as a military advisor. In , he became the youngest Soviet general ever appointed, after establishing military bases in Mexico during his "recovery efforts" following a massive earthquake. Tatarin is extremely popular among the soldiers in his command.

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Tatarin mainly appears in the newscasts between missions. However, he makes the campaign very personal for Chris and ends up as an objective for one of the missions. Soviet Soldiers The basic Soviet soldier is armed with either a pistol or an assault rifle. You rarely find these enemies alone. They stick together in small squads centered around defensive positions, often with mounted machine guns, or patrol the streets and alleys. After taking out these soldiers, or any enemies for that matter, you can pick up Soviet Officers their weapons or add any remaining ammo to your own cache.

Officers can be armed with submachine guns or shotguns and wear a beret or other soft headwear rather than the standard-issue helmet. These enemies are a bit tougher to kill and not afraid to get in close to engage you and your troops at short range. Soviet Machine Gunners Soviet Snipers Snipers, often found on rooftops or looking out from upper-story windows, are armed with sniper rifles. In most cases, it is best to eliminate them by storming their perch and engaging them at close range. However, if you have a sniper rifle, shoot them from long range and save yourself from having to climb several flights of stairs.

The largest soldiers, machine gunners are assigned to carry light machine guns. You won't run into these guys until the later missions; however, when you do, watch out.

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  • Their heavy body armor makes them tough to kill. You must either unload lots of bullets or try to take them out with grenades or Molotov cocktails while hiding behind cover. Avoid going toe-to-toe with the machine gunners since they will almost always come out on top. Their machine guns put out a lot of lead and have large magazines, allowing them to fire for a long time before reloading.

    Once you drop one of these enemies, pick up the light machine gun for your own personal use. Soviet Vehicles Gunships The Soviet forces employ helicopter gunships throughout the city to provide air support to their ground troops. While these gunships can be shot down with a rocket-propelled grenade RPG , it is better to blow up the helipads from which they operate. Eliminating the helipad in one subzone will prevent gunships from operating in other subzones during the course of a mission. Target helipads early on since a gunship can just mow down your troops with little warning or defense. Tanks Luckily, tanks only show up in a few places during the campaign.

    The only way to take them out is with an RPG. Therefore, if you see an RPG sitting somewhere, pick it up or at least remember where it is. You may need it later — especially if you run into a tank. Armored Cars Artillery Armored cars appear in most missions. While they are not armed, they can still cause a lot of problems for you and your troops. These vehicles drive down the streets and drop off squads of enemy soldiers in various locations. If one runs over you, it can cause serious injury or even kill you outright.

    eriricar.cf Armored cars transport troops from one subzone to another. The best way to stop them is to take out bridges so they cannot get to you in the first place. Artillery, also referred to as mortars, only appears in the final mission. However, its long-range fire allows it to wreak destruction and damage in different subzones within the mission. As with helipads, artillery should be taken out with explosives early in a mission to avoid unnecessary casualties later. To do the job right, you need the correct tools.

    Your character, Chris Stone, begins the game with only a pipe wrench; as you progress, you acquire more weapons and equipment. Close Combat To use close-combat weapons, you must be right next to your target.