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Other Authors Perkins, Kathy A. Subjects Anthologie. Blacks -- South Africa -- Drama. Women, Black -- South Africa -- Drama.

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South African drama English English drama -- 20th century. English drama. Women, Black. South African drama English -- Women authors. South African drama English -- Black authors. South Africa. Weibliche Schwarze. Women, Black -- South Africa -- Drama South African drama English -- Women authors South African drama English -- Black authors Blacks -- South Africa -- Drama English drama -- 20th century Summary One of the first anthologies of plays to focus exclusively on the lives of black South African women, this collection represents the work of both male and female writers, written before and after apartheid.

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Perkins 1. So What's New? Have You Seen Zandile? Mtshali 8. Notes Includes bibliographical references p.

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Macquarie University Library. Open to the public ; PRX Murdoch University Library. She slowly unwraps it, smelling the cloth tentatively. That familiar whiff of burnt hair. Lifting an iron comb from the cloth. An instrument of torture, if you ask me.

Combined with my dark skin it earned me nicknames like curryguts and chillipip. She had the fair skin and somehow missed out on the hair to match. The saving Black South African women 22 grace for Coloured girls before they intro duced: Sings jingle Wella…perfectly you x 2.

A pioneer in the world of hair straighteners! Did God have to give you this unmanageable bush? It would make your life and mine so much easier. At least if you were a boy, you could keep it short and still look decent. Ay, but never mind. Besides, your scalp is so sensitive. Charlene was six or seven when hers started to surface. Then there were the jokes about girls with hair that refused to respond to chemical taming.

With each stroke the numerous unwanted kinks per inch were A coloured place 23 literally ironed out. I can still see her clutching her ears for dear life as my mother approached with the hot comb. Still, she was sick of her middle path and two thick plaits, weighted down at the ends by a pair of blue or white baubles to match her uniform.

Her little set of anchors to prevent those plaits from sticking up in the air. Plaits would come undone, or resisting wind and rain, would point to the sky like aerials, mini-antennae from her head. The result? Charlene with a head of hair she could be proud of. With the aid of rollers, blow drying and swirling she was transformed.

She conformed. Of course there were endless compliments to reinforce her new self image. Who did it for you, Lovie? No matter how much it costs. What a joke! Going home means going back to your roots, your natural state. The hair can dry out, fall out, break, split, thin out and die.

Packing items into kist Almost twenty years later, Charlene is beginning the process of rehabilitation.

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Not only of her hair, but of her being. No more efforts to please family, boyfriends, neighbours who may reject you for not being absorbed into the Coloured crowd. We often speak about it. You get swallowed by what everyone thinks and soon they determine what you do, what you wear, Black South African women 24 where you go and hell, even who you go out with!

Natal Coloureds are different in many respects from the bulk of Coloureds in the rest of the country. Their origins can be traced to three groups, Mauritians, St. Helenans and Euro-Africans. She is looking for Fransie. Her eyes eventually settle on an audience member; she pounces. Sitting kaalgat opie witman se stoep.

Wag jy vir iets? Hoor jy, Fransie? Kom jy saam? Kom moegoe, dis laat! Neither have I or any of my immediate family been to Cape Town for anything other than a holiday and to see the mountain, like everyone else. Provocative dramatisation of each type I am also not the knife-wielding-slangchooning-dagga-rooking-club-crazyadolescent-alcoholic-type. My mother is not the babalaas-rollers-in-thestreet-swear-my-father-for-her-Friday-niteblue-eye-and-fat-lip-type. All types!

A frame created specially for you, by someone else. An outsider whose opinion matters more than yours or mine.

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  • US Army, Technical Manual, TM 55-1905-223-24-13, BILGE/BALLAST PUMP FOR LANDING CRAFT U, (LCU), (NSN 1905-01-154-1191), 2009.
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  • We betray ourselves. We play the part, We stick to what we know, malicious when one of us chooses a life beyond those confines.


    South African poet takes African women's message to the world | Brand South Africa

    It takes courage to change your point of view and unashamedly do what your gut tells you to do. My family shifted about fourteen A coloured place 27 times before I was ten, but somehow we inevitably settled in a historically Coloured area, even after it was legal to live somewhere else. There were never any public signs saying Coloureds only, but like an unspoken law, you went to a Coloured school, a Coloured church, had mostly Coloured friends, listened to popular Coloured music and followed Coloured fashion…or else!

    Lx: Snap to purple wash ZOE I grew more determined to make my own choices, be myself and eventually I got used to not fitting in. My dad built a kind of pedestal for me and through me, my mother saw a dream for herself realised. So I thought. Just watch. They need to come out down a peg or two, the lot of them. I see her from my kitchen window every Tuesday, dashing off to play tennis in that mini-skirt of hers. Please, at her age! Yet another Coloured teenager pregnant, straight out of school. The neighbours were delighted. She will be going to Varsity next year.

    Pause Oh. Not her too. Such an intelligent girl wasted like that. Ag no, man.